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More Praise for Up

Published May 14, 2009 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Pixar
Up Up
For those of you still wondering if Pixar has "done it again," I've rounded up a couple more positive reviews for Up, as I can't seem to find a negative one just yet. A good sign? I think so...

Early Reviews: Up

Judging by some of the reviews I've read, it looks like Up will require its own brand of 3D glasses. Supposedly the audience at Cannes was given neither the red-blue or polarized glasses, but something heavier. Did I mention "eco-friendly"? Whoa.

Empire Online
To be honest, I hadn't quite known what to expect, but in retrospect it's pretty much (high) standard Pixar. I wasn't so sure about some of the sentimentality (in that it was a little conventional, not that it was overdone), but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the gags. Tom McCarthy, wildman director of The Station Agent and The Visitor, is credited as a co-writer, and (if I have my facts straight there) I really think you can see his influence. For me, the best stuff involves a pack of dogs who have been fitted with speaking devices by the mad maverick explorer Charles Muntz, and some of the film's most exquisite comedy comes from the very concept of a dog's thought processes and attention span. This is perhaps embodied in the character Dug, an adorable golden retriever who (and this is no mean feat in an impeccably animated ensemble) simply steals the show.

Roger Ebert
My official review is scheduled to run when the movie opens in late May, but there will be hundreds online and in print from Cannes, so I see no harm in making some unofficial observations. Such as, this is a wonderful film. It tells a story.The characters are as believable as any characters can be who spend much of their time floating above the rain forests of Venezuela. They have tempers, problems, and obsessions. They are cute and goofy, but they aren't cute in the treacly way of little cartoon animals. They're cute in the human way of the animation master Hayao Miyazaki.

That means they're earnest and plucky, and one of them is an outright villain--snaky, treacherous and probably mad. Two of the three central characters are cranky old men, which is a wonder in this era when the captain of the Starship Enterprise must be three years out of school, lest fans be asked to identify with a veteran officer. "Up" doesn't think all heroes must be young or sweet, although the third important character is a nervy kid.

Up opens to theaters on May 29th.

For the trailers, posters, stills and more movie info, go the Up Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
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