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Angels & Demons Praise Turns Mixed

Published May 14, 2009 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Columbia Pictures
Angels & Demons Quad Poster Angels & Demons

Last week I posted an update for Angels & Demons claiming that the film is already being given much better scores than The Da Vinci Code by the critics. While it still feels like critics are enjoying this second installment a lot more, there is also enough criticism worth mentioning.

Angels & Demons' Mixed Reviews

It turns out that Angels & Demons progresses the story so quickly that audiences will barely be able to keep up with the thrills and spills, let alone stop to think if anything is making sense; which it might not. Here is a couple snippets from mixed reviews with this very concern.

Daily Telegraph
ANGELS & Demons is as much about burning tyre rubber as it is about halos and pitchforks. And that could ultimately be its path to redemption. Early reports of Ron Howard's follow-up to The Da Vinci Code have judged it to be better than its predecessor on the basis that there is more action and less exposition. Certainly, no one could quibble with the kinetic energy of this clerical thriller, based on Dan Brown's best-selling novel.

The general plot of Angels & Demons is well conceived and initially interesting. The problem is that willing suspension of disbelief evaporates under the preposterous clues left by the villains. Langdon, the Illuminati expert, is literally able to decipher each puzzle within minutes, traverse all of Rome, and still be able to have character interactions in the brief time frame given. Not possible. Also, many of the clues are statues literally pointing in the right direction. So if one statue or painting had been moved in the last few hundred years, he would be screwed in his search. Too many astonishingly obscure variables fall into place for this film to be believed.

While these complaints are somewhat disappointing, I think I heard the same criticism of the book. So maybe Ron Howard is just remaining exceptionally faithful. Read each full review for Angels & Demons by clicking the bold links above.

Angels & Demons opens to theaters on May 15th.

For the trailers, stills, posters and more movie info, go to the Angels & Demons Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
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