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American Idol Season 8 Top 4 Results

Published May 7, 2009 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol

I will title this week’s results show - Rock(er) Shocker.

Ryan reported over 64 million votes were cast, the highest number of votes outside a finale. He told us tonight’s performances would be courtesy of No Doubt, Daughtry and (for the first time ever on the Idol stage) Paula Abdul.

The Ford Music Video of “Move Along” showed our Fab 4 in cut and paste anime.

The group number of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” featured Slash on guitar. Our contestants actually performed live, but there were some mic and sound issues. May we just say Slash does not make for a good interview?

American Idol: Top 4 Results

Then to kill some more time, Ryan chatted with the contestants about their time on Idol. Don’t get me started about Danny’s demeanor and what he had to say about his “Dream On” performance. Note to Danny- this competition is serious to some people – real artists. There is life-changing potential. Not a laughing matter – I’m stopping here.

Run Paula package. She has been in the business for over two decades as a choreographer and singer. Paula got her start as a Laker Girl. She has sold 53 million records and has a star on the Walk of Fame. Her last effort was “Dance Like there is no Tomorrow” with Randy Jackson. As she performed her new single “I’m Just Here for the Music”, it was obvious she lip synched. There was a little less fluidity in her dancing, but her body is killer.

The recently re-united No Doubt rocked “Just a Girl”. Gwen sported a white tank top and black pants. (This was not her usual glam look that we love.) The flashing checkerboard in the background was horrible. The performance itself was a little frenetic with some wacky pushups thrown in for good measure. Ryan asked Gwen about the concept of touring with no new album. She said it was her fault since she was busy having babies. Their hope is the tour will ‘provide inspiration’ for a new album.

In the effort to waste even more time, there were clips of past Top 3’s hometown visits. The show is over half over and we have no results yet. We are told tonight the stools would be for safety. (Ominous camera shot of three empty stools.)

Now came the words we were waiting for “Dim the lights” – Kris Allen is safe. The audience screamed. Kris looked stunned.

Three years ago this week, in Season 5, Chris Daughtry was let go. But that did not stop him – did it Idol fans? He put together a band and made a little album that went, according to Ryan, quadruple platinum. His debut album “Daughtry” boasted 3 Top 10 hits. Chris and the band performed “No Surprise” from their second album “Leave this Town”, due out in July. I’m not sure how on key the vocals were tonight, but the melody is great. The song will do well. Kris presented Chris with the plaque for 5 million copies sold worldwide of “Daughtry”.

“Dim the lights” – the second member of the Final 3 to be pronounced safe was – Adam Lambert. No surprise here. Rock is his strongest genre. And I am certain his flirt with the bottom last week prompted the record number of votes this week. Now we were left with Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey. Allison was incredible on Tuesday. She is quoting Kara, “a Rock goddess”. Danny’s performance made dogs howl. But the news delivered by Ryan was not based on ‘Rockability’ – Danny was safe. Allison would leave us in the fourth spot – as fellow Rocker Chris Daughtry had. She received a standing o. Roll journey on Idol package. Her reprise of “Cry Baby” was more soulful and melodic than on performance night. (If that were possible) What an incredible vocal. She captivated the audience. How far our girl has come.

For the first time ever, it’s an all dude Final 3. They will make their hometown visits. Each will perform two songs (used to be 3); a judges choice and a personal pick.

Are you shocked by Allison’s departure? How did Danny survive after probably the worst Final 4 performance in Idol history? Who will we see in the Finale? We are so close – American Idol performances Tuesday/ results Wednesday on Fox.

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J Rodgers
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