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American Idol Season 8 Top 5

Published April 29, 2009 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol
Ryan opened by telling us the Finale is only three weeks away.

Tonight’s theme was standards from the Rat Pack Era. The mentor for the week was Jamie Foxx. His talent transcends the boundaries of music. He won the Oscar in 2005 for best actor, playing Ray Charles, in the movie “Ray”. Jamie also starred in “Dream Girls” with Idol’s own Jennifer Hudson. He is an American Music Award winner and a Grammy and Billboard Award nominee. I found Jamie to be one of the most helpful mentors ever.

Let’s break it down from the BEST to the REST.

American Idol: Top 5

Adam Lambert – “Feeling Good” – Jamie Foxx said gonna knock everybody’s head off, he’s gonna be great – creative, great vocal, parts made me smile, long note wow – Randy said little theatrical, too Broadway, in the zone, another good performance; Kara said mouth drops open, is he really doing that, shocking, confusing, sleazy, superb; Paula said words cannot describe, you make me feel better than good, this is our Olympics and you are our Michael Phelps (Paula, you know about Michael’s little after-party right?); Simon said Randy calling Adam theatrical is like people complaining that a cow moos (I think Simon has lost it); you want to win and prove a point every week, best entrance so far this year.

Kris Allen – “The Way You Look Tonight” – Jamie Foxx said already the artist, you’re my #1, incredible – sweet, beautiful vocal, great interpretation of song, cute in a suit – Randy said your best performance to date, mad nice vocals; Kara said you have set the technical standard so high, impeccable phrasing, you are truly a dark horse; Paula said transition from boy next door to sophisticated gentleman, contemporary crooner; Simon said like a well trained Spaniel (those are bedroom eyes), it was all a bit wet, don’t get the feeling from tonight you can win the competition (I don’t know what you were listening to, but his vocals are first rate. I am quite tired of the manipulation of the audience to try to guarantee the finale you predicted.)

Danny Gokey – “Come Rain or Come Shine” – Jamie Foxx said if he channels and embodies what he did in rehearsal he’ll be fantastic – his best performance in weeks, liked the bluesy twist at the end – Randy said you are the only one I’ve heard tonight that could have an album like that and win, you can sing; Kara said you had Rat Pack Swagger, end most creative you have been; Paula said stellar performance, I can tell you can see the finish line; Simon said showed swagger and confidence, best vocals I’ve heard from you in weeks, arrangement superb, outstanding.

Allison Iraheta – “Someone to Watch Over Me” – Jamie Foxx said could be incredible – first time I’ve had difficulty understanding some of the lyrics, big notes awesome – Randy said like Pink with 9,000 octaves, the bomb, loved it; Kara said I ain’t nervous for you anymore, gut wrenching, way beyond your years, not a one trick pony; Paula said waiting to see how you would approach a ballad, alluring and tender; Simon said do you think you can win this competition (Allison answered in the affirmative); great performance but I have a horrible feeling you could be in trouble tonight.

Matt Giraud – “My Funny Valentine” – Jamie Foxx said it is a big song, change the key of the song and if he sings t in his full voice might nab #1 spot of the night – pitch issues on the front of song, built along the way, good end – Randy said one of the hardest songs to sing, little pitchy, didn’t quite come together, 6 out of 10; Kara said didn’t feel you were emotionally connected; Paula said loved what you did with the song, pure, simple, impressive, excellent; Simon said disagree with Randy, for me only believable authentic song tonight, absolutely brilliant.

Who do you think deserves to move on to the Final 4? Tomorrow performances by this week’s mentor, Jamie Foxx – Natalie Cole – and AI Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks – Results show Wednesday night on Fox

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J Rodgers
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