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Tom Kenny on Sit Down, Shut Up

Published April 20, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Sit Down Shut UpSit Down Shut Up

Tom Kenny is most famously the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants but has done many other animated voices. Sit Down, Shut Up lets him be a bit more adult, but Kenny reveals he’s always worked blue.

Sit Down, Shut Up

“The funny thing is all voiceover sessions for animation get blue but the bluest ones are the ones for children’s television shows,” Kenny said. “There is no room sicker than the SpongeBob booth in between takes. Hearing Clancy Brown curse a blue streak in the voice of Mr. Krabs is something else.”

So Kenny wasn’t looking for a grown-up show specifically, because he’s always mixed it up. “I’ve always appeared on all kinds of stuff simultaneously. One of the perks of being a voice actor is that you get to work on a whole bunch of different things in the course of a week and they’re all different. I did SpongeBob yesterday. Today I did a preschool show for Disney called Handy Manny that I’m a regular on. I do Adult Swim stuff for Cartoon Network and stuff that’s much more adult. Long story short, I like mixing it up, but it is nice. If I had to do all kidvid stuff, it would get a little dull I think.”

On Fox’s Animation Domination, Sit Down, Shut Up may get edgy, but it won’t be the worst Kenny’s done. “I would say that Sit Down, Shut Up is definitely a Fox show and you’re in that block with Family Guy and King of the Hill and those shows that are skewed to a more adult audience. So I don't know if it actually gets blue, but it does traffic in things that probably a children’s cartoon wouldn’t be able to do.”

The high school teacher-centered show actually casts Kenny as a janitor. “I am Happy the school janitor who is just sort of a swarthy foreign guy who speaks in a brjoihg bafouhoui nisouhoun dchay language that no one understands. Then he has a BBC sounding narrator who’s also me who says, ‘What Happy is saying is for you to tune in to Sit Down, Shut Up this April on Fox.’”

Sit Down, Shut Up airs Sundays on Fox.

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Fred Topel
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