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Nick Kroll on Sit Down, Shut Up

Published April 16, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Sit Down Shut UpSit Down Shut Up

Knobhaven High School is full of crazy teachers on Fox’s new animated comedy Sit Down, Shut Up. Nick Kroll explained the sophisticated subtleties of the character for whom he provides the voice.

Sit Down, Shut Up

“I play Andrew Legustambos who is the bisexual drama teacher,” Kroll said. “His name is Les Gusta Ambos which means he likes both. He spends a lot of time with Helen Klench, Cheri Oteri’s character. He likes to do mash-up musicals like Reservoir Dogs meets Peanuts or High School Musical meets Apocalypse Now. He never met a double entendre he didn’t love.”

From creator Mitch Hurwitz, Kroll tried to distract his boss on the red carpet for the show’s premiere. “My character is bisexual. He’s based on Mitch Hurwitz. He didn’t hear that so we’re going to let that one go, or he heard it and just didn’t think it was funny enough. I’m going to go with A.”

With Hurtwitz not biting, Kroll recalled his own high school teachers. “No, he’s not based on. None of my teachers were out in high school. I have since found out differently.”

Mr. Legustambos is not going to win Teacher of the Year on this show. “He’s not a good teacher. You can say on one hand the teachers are no good, but what we take solace in is that the students are useless as well.”

Sit Down, Shut Up premieres April 19 on Fox.

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