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Leslie Mann on 17 Again

Published April 13, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of TWC
17 Again 17 Again

Leslie Mann took a big leap from Knocked Up to 17 Again. She accepted playing the mother of little kids, but now she’s having second thoughts about playing the mother of a teenager.

Mann Parents 17 Again

“I think that was a huge mistake,” she joked. “I think it was a huge mistake because I can never go back. I mean, the smart ones, there’s a TV show on right now, [In the Motherhood], and they’re like 50 years old which would be like a medical miracle. Right? There’s no way. I mean, that’s like impossible. So, they were the smart ones because they could play the young girl for much longer and I was dumb. Now I have to always have a bit older character.”

In 17 Again, her husband becomes his younger self again. She recognizes the boy but takes it for granted that it is just a genetic resemblance. When Zac Efron tries to romance his wife as a teenager, she puts him in his place with a big slap.

“Usually the stunt coordinator will tell you how to do it. They didn’t talk to me before I had to slap him, and so, I was in the middle of the scene and then I just did it and I did it HARD.”

17 Again 17 Again

17 Again 17 Again

Mann may regret accepting Hollywood’s age brackets, but she enjoys being wiser than her younger self. “I didn’t listen to people because I thought I knew better. I don’t remember taking advice from people at all because I thought I knew better and now I realize that I didn’t. It’s too late. I figured it out.”

For anyone clinging to their youth, Mann encourages you to let it go. “I think it gets way better and I think you start to learn who you really are and get comfortable in your own skin. If you have children, you stop thinking about yourself so much and gain perspective and I think it’s just like more confidence. It’s just way better.”

17 Again opens to theaters April 17th.

For the trailers, posters and more movie info, go to the 17 Again Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
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