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American Idol Season 8 Top 8

Published April 8, 2009 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol
The show is only one hour tonight, so the producers benched the judges’ on- stage introductions. The theme for the week is ‘Songs from the Year they were Born’. Not only did we see baby and childhood photos of our Elite 8 as the night progressed, but of the judges and Ryan as well. I can already feel we will run out of time tonight.

Let’s break it down from the worst to the first.

American Idol: Top 8

Scott MacIntyre – 1985, “The Search is Over”, Survivor – standing with guitar, really uncomfortable for me, ‘screamy’ and many off notes – Kara said commend you for playing guitar, some good moments and off moments, over-ambitious; Paula said credit for stepping away from comfort zone of piano, screeching at high notes; Simon said go back to piano next week, song horrible, guitar awful, boring song; Randy said problem for me it didn’t show you as a star, didn’t leap off stage.

Lil Rounds – 1984, “What’s Love Got to Do with It”, Tina Turner – imitating Tina’s movements, seems so much older than her years, parts strong – Paula said you look hot tonight, brilliant vocalist, need to make it your own, karaoke; Simon said not looking for second or third rate version of Tina Turner, we have lost you, got to start becoming original (I think it’s too late); Randy said you are not listening to us, Tina not you, there are so many other amazing songs from that year; Kara said making leap from singer to artist, lower range really suffers.

Anoop Desai – 1986, “True Colors”, Cyndi Lauper – changed it up to more of a ‘boy band’ version, good – Randy said you pulled it back, you can actually sing, controlled, very nice vocal; Kara said you controlled song not song controlled you, you can take pop song and interpret it with soul; Paula said choice of song flawless, when it’s satin voice magical, best performance so far; Simon said you are a singing yo-yo, one minute you are down then up, last week was abysmal but don’t think it was fantastic.

Kris Allen – 1985, “All She Wants to Do is Dance”, Don Henley – with guitar, surrounded by girls, good but didn’t showcase his vocals enough, I question song choice here – Kara said I’m a huge fan, performance lost a lot of its youth; Paula said heartfelt and genuine, same note song, changed it and made it your own, one of the most likable contestants ever; Simon said likeable, indulgent, boring, forgettable, you came over as a guitarist that wanted to sing, stupid song choice (Wow, tell us how you really feel); Randy said didn’t like the arrangement, lost you, you are the singer you are in the competition not the song.

Danny Gokey – 1980, “Stand by Me”, Ben E. King/Mickey Gilley version – best vocals he’s had in many weeks, less screechy – Rand said did not love the arrangement, you made me love it as a singer even though I didn’t love the arrangement, you got talent (that’s another show Randy); Kara said killed it at the end, made it your own, did your own thing and did it well; Paula said wow, creative liberties, brilliant voice, tonight amazing, liked chord substitutions (What? To that Simon said “Paula, I can’t stand you”.) Simon said beginning good, middle lazy, end terrific, overall great.

Matt Giraud – 1985, “Part Time Lover”, Stevie Wonder – back to R&B where he should be, made it his own, nicely done – Randy said vocally one of the best of the night; Kara said incredible on every level; Paula said two words standing o (is o a word?); Simon said a million times better than last week, well done.

Allison Iraheta – 1992, “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, Bonnie Raitt – perfect song choice, killer vocal, who can believe she is 16? – Paula said what is so great about having you in the competition is you hear one note and know it is Allison, same arrangement as original but you made it your own; Simon said very good, sort you out a bit and make you more likeable, lighten up a little bit; Randy said you remind me of a girl that won the first season (Kelly Clarkson) she can sing her face off and so can you, need to engage the public, one of the best of the night; Kara said to take adult content like in that song and make it believable and young that’s talent, let’s make a record.

Adam Lambert – 1982, “Mad World”, Tears for Fears/ Gary Jules/Michael Andrews version – on a chair, back lit, what a moment, vocals perfection – Simon said bad news is running out of time, good news is he is the only one commenting, but words were unnecessary, given a standing ovation by all four judges.

Does it bother anyone else, as much as it does me; they run out of time for comments to the last two contestants? It is only fair to allot the same amount of time for evaluation of each contestant. And why does the show consistently run over? Can’t the producers/director properly pace the show?

Who won’t make the Lucky 7? On the results show, we will be treated to a performance by Idol alum Kellie Pickler. American Idol results show Wednesday night on Fox.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of Fox

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