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Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana

Published April 7, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Disney
If Hannah Montana: The Movie is your first experience with the Disney Channel phenomenon, star Miley Cyrus can offer you a quick refresher course. It is of course a highly complicated drama in which she plays Miley Stewart, a normal teenager who secretly is the rock star Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana

“It’s all very confusing,” Cyrus said. “None of it makes sense. The cool thing about the movie is we actually got to take away from the persona a little bit. It’s not so separate. It shows that realistically you’re not going to be able to have this double life and keep them separate as you want and I think it’s really proven that as much as Hannah changes and as much as Miley changes, then again it’s all the same person but the Hannah life really does start affecting Miley Stewart and is making her the sort of person that she was always so against. The reason that she has this double life was so she could not become that person and not be obsessed with material things and so obsessed with Hollywood and what she’s become and not remember who she is. So I think that I do have a lot going on but it’s important to bring it back to what’s important and that’s who you are and your friends and your family.”

The film also gave Cyrus a chance to have a little revenge on the paparazzi. “We had the paparazzi, we had a kind of a joke with that and putting them in the movie and letting them kind of be an over-exaggerated version of a photographer and even though it seems very over-exaggerated, it’s not so far from the truth. So we like kind of having the slimy, gross little paparazzi guy, because it was just funny. It’s funny to us, to be able to show people that in a little bit of more of a comedic way, but also to be able to share a little bit of truth, because with every joke there’s always a little Hannah truth behind it. So I think that’s fun and it is a pain but it’s funny what we got to do with it because I feel like that’s the best way to do anything, when things bother you, there’s time to be serious and there’s nothing I can change about it, so I think just making a joke was kind of fun.

Hannah Montana: The Movie Poster Hannah Montana The Movie

Auditioning new hunks was fun for Cyrus too. She could barely contain herself for Lucas Till. “I was on my best behavior. I was doing all of my commenting on my texts to my mom and I believe that I said, ‘He is hot! We should pick him!’ Another one of the guys they came in was a friend of mine and I was just looking at him, thinking, ‘I love you so much but no, because that is awkward, because you're my friend’ and I worked with him on Big Fish when I was eight years old, so it was just weird. Lucas was an okay looking guy. We thought maybe with some hair and makeup and what CGI can do, it will work, and he was a good actor. If we needed the other guy to come in and do voiceover for him, we thought that would work too. It was awesome.”

Hannah Montana: The Movie comes to a resolution about the double life, but Cyrus has not closed the door on Hannah Montana world yet. “For a sequel, I feel like this is a TV show and we got really lucky with having the material to make one movie and to do another one I feel like it takes away the reality of it all. That was the point of this. People who are in normal high schools and stuff look at this and see a blonde wig and all that and they say, ‘That’s not real and it is not reality,’ which is completely true. You're not going to be able to live that life, and I can't live that life forever. It was very clever the way we revealed the Hannah Montana secret but didn't make the show completely unrealistic and not be able to come back to the show, because we are continuing to do season three, and we all wish to do a season four, and I would love to do that if the time is right and if that's what everyone agrees on. So I don't know if I would do another film, but I would love to do another season. I think that would be what we would all agree on.”

Hannah Montana: The Movie opens to theaters April 10th.

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