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American Idol Season 8 Top 9

Published April 1, 2009 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol

The amount of time given at the top of the show to the introduction of the judges and Ryan is really making me crazy. Why is this being done every week, since the show is always running long?

This week’s theme was any song the contestants wanted that is a popular download on i-Tunes. One might think that would only be current music, when in fact it meant anything.

In the shameful self-promotion department, our Top 9 visited Ryan in the American Top 40 radio studio. The Top 40 format was created by Casey Kasem in 1970. AI finalists have had 21 Top 40 hits. Some of which have made it to #1.

Now let’s break it down from the worst to the first.

American Idol: Top 9

Megan Joy – “Turn Your Lights Down Low”, Bob Marley/Lauryn Hill – I don’t know why she is still here, enough said – Kara said I really like you but think you’re in trouble, wrong song; Paula said need to take us by surprise, need to dig deep, on a stool in a spotlight with no distractions (like her horrible ‘dancing’); Simon said song was boring, indulgent, monotonous, all the things we liked about you are disappearing.

Anoop Desai – “Caught Up’, Usher – kind of boring, vocals ok, who is picking the bad jackets?, a real let down – Randy said picked up your swagger, vocals good, not sure it was the right song for you; Kara said played it safe, no big difference, feels like frat guys dared you to sing Usher; Paula said showed your playful side, vocals really good, need to work on stage presence; Simon said complete and utter mess, wannabe, arrangement gave him headache, no originality.

Matt Giraud – “You Found Me”, The Fray – behind keyboard, prefer the bluesy Matt, song did not suit him – Paula said aborted things we love about you, more of a sound-alike, too much like Coldplay performance, wasn’t a great performance; Simon said you should be happy we don’t like it, uptight, too sound-alike, uncomfortable; Randy said wrong song, should pick Justin Timberlake or One Republic; Kara said going between rock side and R&B side, talented guy, doesn’t deserve to go home.

Lil Rounds – “I Surrender”, Celine Dion – hated the dress, looks too old, still waiting for that breakout performance, great power at the end, consistently poor song selection – Randy said for me for you not good song choice, need more swagger (swagger and artistry tied as catch words of the Season), sang it well, need to young it up; Kara said sing Mariah or Mary J, when you’re up there it is effortless, you’re a singer who can let it out, wow us; Paula said I don’t want to see adult contemporary Lil Rounds; Simon said safe song to stay in the competition, wedding performance, old fashioned

Allison Iraheta – “Don’t Speak”, No Doubt – played guitar at beginning of song, great vocals in parts, over-punked herself – Randy said vocally you can sing, a little ahead, like you with guitar, but what are you wearing?; Kara said rock in you comes out, clothes distracting, good but not your best; Paula said ‘axe’ added certain edge, vocal prowess rivals those twice your age, going right to the finish line ( and a bunch of other big slurred words, what was with her pre-written comments tonight – she could not get out some of the words not normally in her vocabulary); Simon said outfit out of Addams Family, precocious daughter trying to dress like a rock star, shouted the song.

Danny Gokey – “What Hurts the Most”, Rascal Flatts – weak start with a power finish, suited his voice although did not change it up much – Paula said this is where you thrive, leave me wanting more; Simon said best performance so far tonight, get a great song and sing it brilliantly; Randy said tonight’s show starts right here, keep your swagger moving, very nice; Kara said you moved everyone in this room emotionally, had goose bumps.

Scott MacIntyre – “Just the Way You Are”, Billy Joel – piano only, (omg how bad is the hair), best he’s been so far, really good vocals – Kara said made smart decisions tonight choosing Billy Joel singer songwriter, loved the new look; Paula said most proud of you nothing to do about your challenge but everything to make you forget about your challenge (I know this makes sense, but she makes my head hurt), risk paid off, thrill to sing one of your idols; Simon said best performance by a country mile, a different Scott; Randy said one of the best of the night, nice one.

Adam Lambert – “Play that Funky Music”, Wild Cherry – changed it up, what amazing vocals, good performance quality – Paula said true genius does not fulfill expectations shatters it; Simon said brave, got rid of karaoke nonsense others had done tonight, not as popular as last week; Randy said thought it could be corny but in the star zone baby; Kara said every week I cannot wait to get here and see what you are doing, like Studio 57 (she meant Studio 54).

Kris Allen – “Ain’t No Sunshine”, Bill Withers – behind keyboard, original, pure vocals, brilliant, showed himself as a front runner – Randy said you have been slaying them last couple weeks, one of the best performances of the night, so in the zone, so creative, so cool; Kara said that is artistry; Paula said pacing the competition to play to your strengths, your best performance, first cut from your album; Simon said very good arrangement, brought confidence, your best performance so far, like you behind the keyboard.

Did your favorite make the most of their chance to choose any song from a current music catalog? Who will make it to the Elite 8? Tomorrow night will showcase performances by AI Season 7 winner David Cook and Lady Gaga. American Idol Results show Wednesday night on Fox.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of Fox

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