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Ozzy Osbourne on Osbournes Reloaded

Published March 26, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Osbournes ReloadedOsbournes Reloaded

Ozzy Osbourne is back on stage. The family's new variety show Osbournes Reloaded puts the showman back in front of cameras and live audiences, performing music and other hosting duties.

Osbournes Reloaded

"Well, it's whatever you call performance," Osbourne said. "I mean, it's a lot of work to go into this show that we're doing. The Osbournes was just me being me in my house with my family but this has become somewhat organized to a point, because it goes off the rails all the time, but we keep it going. It's not just your variety show. There's a lot more to it than what you've seen. We go out and about. We have different things come in at any given time. In fact, we still get to see other things which we've done along the way. It's been a lot of fun, a lot of work, and I'm really happy to have been involved with it."

There may or may not be a musical segment in each episode. Ozzy just records them and lets the editors find their place. "I don't know because I haven't seen the finished thing yet. I do do some musical performances. I don't know whether they are going to be in each show. I don't know."

One of the sketches is Little Osbournes where eight-year-old Ozzy and Sharon swear up a storm. Don't worry, the child actors aren't really swearing. "They are saying a four-letter word but not f*ck. They are saying fack or something. We've got a a very disturbed, dysfunctional family doing a very dysfunctional show."

So is this the sign of a new, by the book, behind the scenes Ozzy? "How have I changed? I don't know, but I put a different suit on this morning. These reality shows are easy, and we thought everything else in the television world was easy until we did a show and did our business. We just liked having a 9 to 5 job and the extra hours. We never stopped doing TV, but it's been an experience, and I'm willing to try anything once. I think people are going to be well surprised. I hope they are."

Osbournes Reloaded premieres March 31 on FOX.

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Fred Topel
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