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American Idol Season 8 Top 10

Published March 26, 2009 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol
Our Top 10 tackled Motown this week. What can the contestants do to make these songs original? We traveled to Detroit to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Motown. Founder, Berry Gordy, gave our idols a tour of Hitsville, U.S.A. where most of the hits of Motown were recorded. Smokey Robinson was mentor for the week. The prolific artist has penned 4,000 songs!

Some of our Idol hopefuls are starting to separate themselves from the pack. Who showed enough soul to do Motown proud? Let’s break it down from the worst to the first.

American Idol: Top 10

Megan Joy Corkrey – “For Once in my Life”, Stevie Wonder – so off key, a painful mess – Randy said mad love for you, not good fit, train wreck; Kara suggested “My Guy”, hit bad notes, song dominated you; Paula said stunning beauty, take my breath away, confusing (takes one to know one) did not find pocket; Simon said the good news is you look good, the bad news is the song was horrible, could be in serious trouble.

Scott MacIntyre – “You Can’t Hurry Love”, The Supremes – behind piano, changed up the beginning, again the playing better than the vocals – Paula said whole new life, nice changes; Simon said ‘how much more can you take’, was not a great version, completely wrong song for you, cheap, you are a better artist than that, bad choice; Randy said gotta take risks, wasn’t right song, very average, you are better than that; Kara said took liberties with the melody but the execution not perfect, like rhythm.

Michael Sarver – “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”, The Temptations – better than last week, but why is he still here? – Paula said felt old Las Vegas ‘loungey’, you need to dominate song, did not reach some of the notes; Simon said could not wait for it to end, taking part in competition with no chance to win, isn’t good enough; Randy said song too big for you, not a good performance; Kara said this is not about singing (huh?)it is about artistry, bring that.

Lil Rounds – “Heat Wave”, Martha and The Vandellas – Tina Turner dress, Motown should have been her genre, pitch issues, struggled to stay with music, shouty not soulful , third disappointing week – Randy said front of song tortured, rushing through whole song, not my best performance for you; Kara said you were the diva, of you did not nail it this week, screaming in parts; Paula said throwback to classic Motown, you own that song; Simon said authentic tribute to Motown, would not have chosen that song, did not have a moment, one of the best singers in the competition, dying for you to blow everybody away but not with that song.

Danny Gokey – “Get Ready”, The Temptations – rough start, ok performance, trying to improve his ‘dancing’, I wish they would stop insisting he should be in the finals – Paula said undeniable, first class performance; Simon said clumsy and amateurish; Randy said reminds me of Levi Stubbs, dope voice, not best performance, love energy and feeling; Kara said good not great, huge Danny fan, loved personality.

Anoop Desai – “Ooo Baby Baby”, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles – soft and soulful, nice performance – Kara said one of the most beautiful songs written, hard to sing, overall hard to do, pretty good job; Paula said new found confidence, phrasing delivery and falsetto sweet; Simon said great vocal, you looked half asleep, need showmanship, two good weeks in a row; Randy said next week turn it up, nice to hear you swoon and croon, get the party on.

Matt Giraud – “Let’s Get it On”, Marvin Gaye – started out behind piano then moved out front, soulful, song suited him well, nice performance – Randy said liked run at the end, challenging for the top spot; Kara said lots of girls saying “yeah let’s get it on”, solid performance; Paula said sexy cool vibe, tasteful, classy, spot-on riffing; Simon said brilliant choice of song, cool voice suits song, you are one of the front runners.

Kris Allen – “How Sweet It Is”, Marvin Gaye – with his guitar, clean, pure, great end, he is making his move as a contender – Kara said no James Taylor no Marvin Gaye it was Kris, did everything right tonight; Paula said nice seeing you come into your own, technical speaking not at the end, brilliant; Simon said smart, your own version, need to believe in yourself to be a star, need to be conceited and get a swagger; Randy said consistent, hit your own, it’s all good.

Allison Iraheta – “Papa was a Rolling Stone”, The Temptations – goose bump moment, what a performance, standing O from Kara, Smokey and Berry Gordy – Randy said one of the dopest singers in the competition, blazing hot; Kara said that is from God, you can’t teach that, America you gotta vote; Paula said you look fantastic, rocker edge awesome; Simon said you are a survivor, after a difficult week last week had one of your best performances (I am really irritated with Simon and Paula’s antics during the judging. It stole the thunder from her fine performance – so unfair.)

Adam Lambert – “Tracks of My Tears”, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles – changed up his look (think Elvis in his early musical movies), wow, vocals amazing, great to see this side, standing O from Smokey – Kara said got to give you a standing O, one of the best performances of the night; Paula said in your own league, handsome and classy, element of surprise; Simon said the best performance of the night, originality, chose right song, emerged as a star; Randy said has the range, tender moments, ‘false’ unbelievably hot, ‘da bomb.

Anyone else feeling feedback from FOUR judges makes the show too long and tedious? We are getting way more judging than singing. This truly could have been done in an hour and a half.

Did your favorite do the right thing by Motown? Who won’t make the cut? Will America get it right this week? The results show will feature a duet with Smokey Robinson and Joss Stone, a performance by AI Season 2 winner Reuben Studdard and a Motown medley by Stevie Wonder. Results show Thursday night on Fox.

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