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Jack Osbourne on Osbournes Reloaded

Published March 24, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Osbournes ReloadedOsbournes Reloaded

Osbournes Reloaded brings Ozzy Osbourne's famous reality TV family back to the air. This time they are doing a variety show. Why does the world need more Osbournes?

Osbournes Reloaded

"Because the world's ending," joked Jack Osbourne. "No, I think more depth was that we haven't really worked together in five years as a family, and since then there's always been, for us anyway, people have always been like, 'When are the Osbournes getting back together? What are you guys going to do?' It just felt like the right progression for us."

Putting on weekly shows, with live studio and field produced segments, is new territory from the reality TV fly on the wall genre. "It takes a little adjustment. What I've been doing the last four years, you just go on with some friends and if you make some TV out of it, you do, but it's kind of having fun. This is a lot more structured and serious. It's on FOX, so there's a lot more pressure, I feel, involved. It takes a minute to get used to, but I love it. It's great. It's been tedious at times, but amazing at others."

Sounds like Jack is now a TV professional. That's not the Jack Osbourne we know. "I think what not many people took into consideration is that Kelly and I were 15 and 16 years old when we were doing The Osbournes. We were kids, and that's such an awkward time anyway for teenagers. Then all of a sudden to put them all over MTV and being shown all over the world, for me anyway, it kind of threw me off a bit. But I kind of sorted myself out and kind of took some time and tried to pursue things that I was interested in and then what I wanted to do. I was fortunate enough to kind of start getting paid for that kind of thing, and it was great. It started working out and making good TV in England, and things worked out well in the end."

Now that he's such a pro, it must be hard to see those old episodes and complete season DVD sets. "Yes, there are times when you go, 'Oh, why? Why did we end up doing this?' But those are usually when you can't walk down the street kind of thing, but for the most part, no. It's given me the kind of life I have today, and I love working in television, and I'm pleased I'm where I'm at."

Osbournes Reloaded premieres March 31 on FOX.

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Fred Topel
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