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Miss March Lacking Skill

Published March 13, 2009 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox Searchlight
Miss March PosterMiss March
Miss March starts out cute with kids discovering their first Playboy. It's even still cute when the horndog Tucker starts vulgarly obsessing over his school friends. There's still an innocence to that. It stops being cute instantly when we meet the grown up Tucker (writer/director Trevor Moore) and Eugene (writer/director Zach Cregger).

Review: Miss March

Now Tucker is just your usual movie A-hole mugging amateurishly like a coked up junkie who can't hold still. Mind you, that's totally accurate about American teens, but it should be condemned, not endorsed. And grown up Eugene is just your average movie loser.

Now I'm down with making fun of abstinence movements. They should be ridiculed. Anyone who thinks they can have an adult relationship without the grown-up part is a just target. Also, if they think the bible says you shouldn't have sex before marriage, they should realize that when the bible was written, people got married at 14. They COULDN'T biologically have sex before marriage. All this to say I'm not just railing against the whole movie. It's got a point of view struggling to make it out there.

The idea of a teen raunch movie where the girl is the horny one is different. It's just missing the skillful handling of an Apatow, a Vaughn or even a Sandler. A Saturday Night Live gimmick would have more to contribute to comedy than this.

The whole movie feels like these guys watched some other movie 100 times and thought they could do the same thing. So in their head, this is f*cking hilarious, but not to anyone else. I don't even want to mention the movies or actors I feel like they're mimicking because I find all the sources talented. This is just an example of how their fans may love it but didn't really get it.

The screwball antics feel like a student film with the polish of studio money. For the most part, the pratfalls and reactions lack a fundamental understanding of comic structure, yet it's well lit and glossy 35mm so it can play in multiplexes.

There were two sequences that had some clever merit to them. One was a fire truck sequence that was elaborate and cool. The other is a party bus gag that I've really never seen before. So it's got those two going for it. You can also sense that Craig Robinson made up a few perceptive zingers spoofing the rap industry, but that's not even the focus of the movie.

Of course the real actor who plays the title bunny never actually shows her boobies. Her centerfold has her tastefully covering up her naughty parts. Now I'm fine with hiring a real actress who might insist on no nudity, but don't insult us by asking us to believe the photo spread didn't show nips. Just don't show the centerfold at all.

There is a tiny bit of nudity from the supporting players, although you can see one poor background extra shivering. They couldn't even warm her up for a single take. Anyway, there's certainly not enough nudity to even qualify as good exploitation.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox Searchlight

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