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American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Results

Published March 13, 2009 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol

In what turned out to be an anticlimactic evening – our group of 13 was pared to 11. Ryan stated there were 33 million votes, which is the highest number ever for this stage of the competition.

Next Ryan explained the new “Save Rule”. Once and only once during the course of the competition, the judges can save one contestant from elimination. This must be a unanimous decision by the judges. (They sited Michael Johns, Tamyra Gray, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry as having been voted off prematurely.)The following week two idol hopefuls would be eliminated. This procedure is only available until we reach the Final 5.

American Idol: Top 13 Results

There was a film package of the idol contestants in the Beverly Hills mansion they are bunking in while on the show.

This was followed by the obligatory medley of the week’s theme music. The producers opted for Jackson 5 songs over Michael’s solo catalog. Actually, it wasn’t terrible. I do think they are prerecording the group numbers – why, I don’t know.

We were shown a quick recap of Tuesday night’s performances. The contestants were so excited to see themselves in the Ford commercial. (“We Will Rock You”)

Now those famous words from Ryan, “Dim the lights”–

Michael Sarver – safe; Allison Iraheta – safe; Jasmine Murray – please come to center stage; Matt Giraud – safe; Kris Allen – safe; Megan Joy Corkrey – please join Jasmine - Ryan announced of the two, Megan was safe.

Jasmine was then asked to perform her song from last night in order to convince the judges to spare her. As she was singing, the judges conferred and Randy delivered the news they would not be “saving” her. Her time on Idol package was accompanied by, Idol alum, Carrie Underwood’s “Home Sweet Home” (the official Season 8 exit anthem).

Kanye West performed his #1 hit “Heartless”.

Now on to the second elimination – Scott MacIntyre – safe; Alexis Grace – safe; Danny Gokey – safe; Anoop Desai – please come to center stage; Adam Lambert – safe; last two left Lil Rounds and Jorge Nunez – Jorge please come to center stage.

The guys got to sweat it out while The Original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, rocked the house with her new single “My Life Would Suck without You”. I do not recall having ever heard the word suck in a song title before. But, Kelly was great as usual.

Now, Anoop gets the news he is safe and Jorge must sing. After completing his performance, Simon said they would not be saving him. Roll the farewell package.

Well, Idol fans - any surprises this week? Next week’s theme will be songs made popular my members of The Grand ‘Ole Opry – could we not just call it Country? Which contestant will most benefit from this? American Idol Season 8 performances Tuesday – results Wednesday on Fox

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of Fox

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