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American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Finalists

Published March 11, 2009 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol
Our lucky 13 have made it to the big stage. The judges were introduced, walked out on the stage and took their seats. What is that about? I thought the contestants were the stars of the show.

Next the Top 13 were introduced, followed by Ryan telling us 2 contestants would be leaving tomorrow night. Tonight’s theme is the Michael Jackson songbook. Cue MJ package.

It was a tough job tonight. But here we go from the worst to the first.

American Idol: Season 8 Final 13

Megan Joy Corkrey – “Rockin’ Robin” from the Jackson 5 era – could have been a high school musical, singing ordinary, dancing worse - Kara said signature on everything you touch, need to see some range – Paula said quirky and unique, disconnected tonight, want America to know her voice not just her beauty – Simon said stupid song choice, vocals weren’t good, dancing clumsy and ridiculous – Randy said song choice did not allow you to be Megan.

Anoop Desai – “Beat It” – karaoke, very disappointing – Paula said this song untouchable, sounds karaoke – Simon said horrible, no aggression, looked stupid, bad impersonation – Randy said Anoop Dog wrong choice, you have more than that – Kara said since you can sing we did not get to see you do anything – Simon added he regrets putting him in the Top 13 on the back of that.

Scott MacIntyre – “Keep the Faith” – accompanied himself on piano, beginning rough, is it just me or was the playing much better than the singing – Kara said not the most obvious Michael Jackson song and not the most dynamic performance – Paula said magical instrument at your fingertips, so beautiful – Simon said hated the song because nobody knows it, did you no favors – Randy said liked song, performance good but safe.

Jasmine Murray – “I’ll be There” from the Jackson 5 – had difficulties with the lower notes, sounded ok, cute look tonight – Randy said did pretty good job, wasn’t that bad, pretty good – Kara said a half key down would have been more comfortable – Paula said composed and poised, under the notes at times, way to go – Simon said good attempt, good control at end, robotic at times, lighten up and act your age.

Jorge Nunez – “Never Can Say Goodbye” – nice effort, sweet – Randy said old fashioned, couple of pitch points – Kara said did not feel connection, suggested “She’s Outta My Life” – Paula said why did you pick this song, not right – Simon said corny, arrangement old fashioned

Lil Rounds – “The Way You Make me Feel” – few rough notes in the beginning, serviceable rendition – Randy said bluesy, made song new again – Kara said what Lil just did everybody’s got to say uh-oh – Paula said compliment you on your softness, glam squad way to go, like angels singing – Simon said good, lazy song choice second half better than first, hate what your wearing.

Michael Sarver – “You are not Alone” – good song choice, nicely done, a pleasant surprise – Simon said you are not the best singer, but you make up for it with passion and heart, gave 110% - Randy said good return to R & B, swagger, one of the best tonight – Kara said tonight you showed me you really can sing, great job – Paula said likeable, regular guy with extraordinary talent, sounded lovely.

Allison Iraheta – “Give in to Me” – really good with rocker edge and swagger, worry about the potential of being able to sing other genres – Paula said mind boggling, rock star, stay authentic, know we will be seeing a lot more of you – Simon said lighten up a bit, good confidence, good voice – Randy said you can sing anything, one to watch – Kara said keep being a rocker, ridiculous.

Alexis Grace – “Dirty Diana” – bluesy, cool, solid – Kara said we’re so happy to have you back, naughty girl and I like it – Paula said watch your over singing – Simon said over the top, not as good as you thought it was – Randy said good, wasn’t great but good, liked the attitude.

Kris Allen – “Remember the Time” – great song choice, played guitar, so cute (before I said he looked like Rob Lowe, I was wrong it’s Chad Lowe), good performer, fun to watch – Kara said girls love you, happy to see you with guitar, few notes a little off, such a nice guy helped other contestants all week – Paula said he helped other contestants because he knows Michael’s catalog better than anyone, adorably sexy – Simon said interesting, vocals ok, clumsy with guitar, should not have brought wife out so early – Randy said cool with guitar, very well done.

Matt Giraud – “Human Nature” – played piano, beautifully done – Randy said good performance, couple pitch problems – Kara said talented guy, hope to see you many more weeks – Paula said talented, sexy, authentic – Simon said good, solid, nice performance.

Adam Lambert – “Black or White” – natural performer, over the top in spots, but well done – Paula said take it all in, never in the history of AI have we seen someone more comfortable, whole package, see you in the finals – Simon said totally different league than everything else we’ve seen tonight, vocals terrific – Randy said since day one most current, most right now, if you got it you got it, baby you got it – Kara said hope Michael Jackson is watching tonight.

Danny Gokey – “P.Y.T.” (Pretty Young Thing) – soulful, so into the performance, pretty fabulous – Paula said can hear with your eyes closed and know who they are (What? Paula was back to her old performance night self – a little loopy & eyes half open), will make it to the finals – Simon said vocals brilliant, white man with soul, dancing hideous, terrific – Randy said dancing and singing loved it all, just passionate – Kara said dancing, singing, whatever a joy.

Is it just me or did the comments from 4 judges slow the pace of the show? It was reported there will be a surprise change in the rules that involves the judges – find out on the results show what those changes will be. But, if you ask me, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Will your favorite be eliminated? Results Wednesday night on Fox.

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J Rodgers
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