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Matthew Goode on Watchmen

Published March 2, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Warner Bros
Watchmen Watchmen

Fans of Watchmen know that Ozymandias is central to the film's ending. They've also probably heard by now that the film's ending is different from the graphic novel. Spoiler alert: there's no more giant squid. However, actor Matthew Goode feels confident with the film's new ending.

Matthew Goode Talks Watchmen

"I mean, there's always going to be fan backlash," Goode said. "I think I'm fairly prepared but I think it would've been maybe a bridge too far for people, because although it's an unreality, it's a different '80s where Nixon's still president, you still have to make it real and that might have taken people out of it if you had a sort of giant squid. And also, we're suggesting it's not just in New York. It's also several places around the world so it would've required more than one squid and that wouldn't have been in the novel and that might have really confused people as well. So I think it makes a lot more sense."

Goode was already aware that some fans were hesitant about his casting in the film at all. "I think out of everyone, I look the least like Veidt. I think Veidt's changed the most from the novel so I'm certainly prepared. But I think there's such a vast and intelligent novel that if you were going to go into the other side of the story about the murdered psychic, the manipulation of that and that's what Bubastis is kind of there for, isn't it? He's the sort of tryout. It's nice that Bubastis made it in at all. I think it works incredibly well."

Still in the film is Ozymandias's quick speed and fighting ability. "Well, I don't want to suspend the disbelief, or rather I do, but some of it was me and some of it wasn't. For the opening sequence, that was pretty much all somebody else because that was shot like the first and second week as far as memory recalls, so a lot of that was somebody else. There was a lot of training."

Ultimately, Goode's biggest fear was the recent legal battle that threatened Watchmen's very release. "When we first turned up, I was like I know that Zack's did something incredible with 300 but this is such a vast, incredibly difficult [film]. It's meant to be an unfilmable novel, so the trepidation of going through the filming process and finally being on board once you see all the artwork and stuff and just speaking to Zack and rehearsing, you're like, 'Okay, I think we have got something really incredible going on here.' And then for it to be shot and you to be really happy with it and for someone to be able to just come in and whip the rug and maybe it will just go into a place where it will never be seen, stuck on a can of film somewhere, was really upsetting. So I'm glad that they managed [to work it out]."

Watchmen opens to theaters March 6th.

For the posters, trailers, stills and more info on the film, go to the Watchmen Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
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