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In Hell on DVD

Published February 23, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
In HellIn Hell
I loved Jean-Claude Van Damme but not enough to watch all the straight to video movies he made. Maybe if Replicant and The Order had been full of crazy sh*t I would have been enticed to watch more. But First Look Pictures sent me a special edition of In Hell a while ago, and it sat on my stack long enough that it ended up getting watched.

On DVD: In Hell

There isn't a whole lot of crazy sh*t but Ringo (Maximum Risk) Lam does what he can with limited funds and locations. Most of the cool stuff happens in the one street-set chase scene, but they do a few shocking things in the prison.

Even the fighting is less theatrical spectacle and more rough and tumble. <B>In Hell</B> actually comes close to being an actual movie, with a performance and character journey and everything. But then the action isn't much of a thrill. The best scene is a training montage, improvised in solitary confinement.

So Van Damme still has a little bit of juice left and with the right team, can make a little something out of the meager offerings he's relegated to. I won't watch In Hell again (and I've even seen Street Fighter multiple times), but I never had to fast forward through it.
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Fred Topel
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