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Amadeus on Blu-Ray

Published February 20, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Well, you know Warner Brothers is going to lavish the first class treatment on their prestige films. Oscar winning Amadeus is a period piece with lavish sets and costumes so there is plenty of hi-def detail to see in the Blu Ray.

On Blu-Ray: Amadeus

They’ve stayed true to the source so they don’t make it a surreal upgrade in detail, but the film is preserved superiorly to a standard ‘80s movie. Film grain has been smoothed over, so you see clear images, if not completely crisp so that it looks like a live performance behind your screen.

Makeup and wigs hold up. Blu Ray doesn’t expose any flaws there. Ornate sets packed with costumed extras display tons of colors and textures. Productions of course pop with colors. The epic span of the film covers different seasons, locations and lightings, and the Blu Ray makes them all look a little better than normal. It’s not like super remaster revisionist film history, but it’s a solid Blu Ray for one of the studio’s crown jewels.

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Fred Topel
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