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Howard the Duck on DVD

Published February 15, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Howard the DuckHoward the Duck
I suppose a Blu Ray of this movie would be too much to ask, as it's taken the entire 12 years of the format to even arrive on DVD. At least they put together a respectable selection of extras.

On DVD: Howard the Duck

They give a very honest account of the studio and critical reception of the film, including how the title became a punchline until the likes of Hudson Hawk replaced it, to be followed by Last Action Hero and Cutthroat Island. There may be a tad of revisionist history as they recall viewers warming up to it. I'm not sure they ever did but there's no defensiveness.

Lea Thompson gets me completely. She articulates my point of view in one articulate soundbite. I liked the film all along and I never cared what others said I should think (same with Hawk, Hero and Island.) Not sure how I'll feel today but I look forward to watching the movie in its entirety. The effects certainly hold up because animatronics look way better than CGI.

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Fred Topel
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