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Sam Huntington on Fanboys

Published February 9, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of TWC
Sam Huntington plays the fanboy who gave up his fanboy ways in Fanboys. When his childhood friend gets terminal cancer, he reunites with the gang to sneak into Skywalker Ranch so their buddy can see Episode I before he dies. Along the way, they face all manners of Star Wars references.

Sam Huntington Talks Fanboys

"I really like the trash chute," Huntington said. "I've been saying all day my favorite scene is the trash chute scene, the trash compactor scene. I think that's just really funny. I love that reference because that's, to me, one of the scenes that sticks out so much from Star Wars. The fact that we got to kind of recreate that, and the way it looks, the way the set was dressed, just down to everything I think was just really funny."

Everyone should recognize the trash chute but there are really obscure references that it takes a fanboy to get. "I think people are going to sh*t themselves. I think people, when they see this stuff, they are going to love it. Honestly, all the little tiny references, there are so many little just homages, that one and the Judge Reinhold stuff with Billy Dee Williams. God, it's just endless."

Fanboys Fanboys

Some great references didn't quite make the cut, but they are available as deleted scenes. "We roll up to the gate at the Skywalker Ranch and the whole scene is now cut. There's a guard there and I tell him, 'My name is Inigo Montoya.' He continues to talk to us, or me, and at one point he holds up his hand and he's got six fingers. He's the six fingered man from The Princess Bride."

Fanboys had a troubled path to release, with reshoots and recuts, but the final copy is similar to the original. "It was just weird. It seems completely out of the blue. And now we're back, so it was like this whole big diversion from what we actually ended up making."

Fanboys is out in theaters now.

For the posters, trailers, review and more movie info, go to the Fanboys Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
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