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Chris Marquette on Fanboys

Published February 4, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of TWC
Chris Marquette gets to recreate a classic Star Wars scene in Fanboys. Carrie Fisher plays a nurse who insists that his character remain in the hospital. When she finally lets him out with some medication, he tells her, "I love you." Just imagine her response.

Chris Marquette One of the Fanboys

"That was the best," said Marquette. "I was just sort of rethinking, because we filmed this thing three years ago, so I really haven't thought about it but I just remember sitting alone in my hotel room the next day and being like, 'I can't believe as an actor in my life I got to grow up and say that line on camera to the person that said the line.'"

Marquette's character was actually the subject of a lot of retooling. His character's cancer is the motivation for a gang of Star Wars fans to break into Skywalker Ranch so he can see Episode I. During reshoots, they attempted removing the cancer "subplot," though it is back in the final cut.

Fanboys Fanboys

"It sucked and it stung but what I had to remind myself of is as an actor, this isn't your movie. As an actor, your only job hopefully at the end of the day is to cross your fingers and hope that whatever you committed to and did on camera, somebody will put into an editing room, put some music behind it and make it look good. You can't do anything but what you do. So at the end of the day, it was like yeah, I did this part and that was cool and that's what I committed to doing and if you want to take it out, that sucks for me."

Fanboys addresses all things Lucas too. Marquette's favorite joke is about Willow. "My favorite joke the entire movie is when we're in the Lucas ranch, he picks up the Willow book and he goes, 'Kaya.' It's literally this two second part that I'd never thought about and would probably never think about until the day I die unless he had said something of the wife talking to somebody else in the beginning of the movie. It's like this really small part and I remember thinking, 'Where is that [from?]' It resonated this huge bell in my head. Baruchel's like, 'Come on, man, the family.' I was like oh, yes."

Fanboys opens to theaters on February 6th.

For the posters, trailers and more movie info, go to the Fanboys Movie Page.
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