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Kevin Jonas on Jonas

Published January 27, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Jonas Brothers Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers' upcoming Disney Channel series Jonas casts them as teen rock stars trying to have a normal high school life. It provides fodder for many comic misadventures, but the boys assure their fans that it's not really that difficult in real life.

Kevin Jonas on Jonas

"We have an amazing team around us, amazing friends," said Kevin Jonas. "Our cast is incredible. We have an amazing family and friends, and we're just like normal guys. We like to hang out. We go shopping. We hang out with friends. We go see movies. But we just work a lot at the same time, but we love it."

The show may hearken back to the classic musical series The Monkees and The Partridge Family, of which Kevin is acutely aware. "We were actually on vacation one year, and were out by a beach when a storm came in, so it was just raining for three days. So the only thing on the TV was reruns of The Monkees for literally three days straight. It was amazing. And definitely watched The Partridge Family. Definitely of course we've seen the Beatles' movies, a huge inspiration. I think for us we're really excited to incorporate our music as well into this process, and that adds a whole other element for us because that's where our original passion is, in our heart. To combine those two things is really, really exciting."

Jonas fans will also get a chance to see actual Jonas memorabilia in the sets of the show. "All the clothes you see and the things like that on the show, Michelle Tomaszewski, our stylist, is doing the show as well. So you see those different aspects. I think something that is very personal to us is we go to a school that definitely has a uniform that we have to wear at school every day. But each day that same uniform is altered, to make it for ourselves. So each one has something new every single day, every episode, and that is different than anybody else in the school, but it's still the uniform. That brings out our own personal styles, and I think that's what is really cool about this thing is they really took those moments and took those things and built it."

Even the fictional Jonases home life has hints of reality. "In the television show, they built a room that has the three different sections. One's for Joe. One's for me and one's for Nick, and each one has our individual tastes. For example, me, I can't sleep in anything but a tour bus bunk bed. When I hit a button, you hear the horns and the flashing and everything, and it looks like I'm on a tour bus just because that's where I'm comfortable, and they built that into the wall. And Nick has a bed that has a drum set. It comes down on top of his bed. It's amazing. And Joe's looks like a stage."

Look for Jonas the series in May.
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