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Joe Jonas on Jonas

Published January 26, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Jonas Brothers Jonas Brothers

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas aren't the only Jonas Brothers. They have a younger brother, Frankie, who may not sing with the trio, but he's going to appear on their upcoming Disney Channel show Jonas. Middle brother Joe described his work.

Joe Jonas on Jonas

"He's eight now," Joe said. "He just had a birthday. It's cool for him because, for us, we didn't know how he would do, and he surprises us every day how well he does when he comes in every day. He's in and out, and he finishes so quickly. It's a lot of fun."

The older brothers are finding acting more of a learned craft than music has been. "We're so used to doing music that this gives us a great opportunity to have acting and music involved. It's an easy transition for us because we're natural musicians, but acting is something that's totally different for us. Going into it, we were pretty nervous. We weren't sure how we would do. We did Camp Rock, but doing a television series, we didn't know exactly how it would roll out. It's been a lot of fun. It's just a great opportunity so far."

Writing songs for the show is the easy part. "It's really cool because when we cowrote with Demi [Lovato] on her record, it was a different kind of feel because we had to think from a girl's perspective, and that was the first time we ever had to do that. This is great because they give us the opportunity, 'Okay, we need you to write a song about you like this person, but you kind of feel sick about the situation.' So they'll give us an opportunity to really think about it and come up with a song. It's been a lot of fun. It's great to keep us involved in that aspect."

Jonas fans can still expect more musical performances for their upcoming tours "What our fans can expect from our upcoming tour [is] obviously music and a lot of fun. We've been planning out the tour right now, and we're going to do the same kind of major cities that we hit on our last summer tour. We're going to try and do a world tour. We're going to try to go to a lot of places that we've never been, and we're writing a lot of new songs for our new record that we're going to release on Hollywood Records, and we're really excited about it."

As for analyzing the Jonas phenomenon, Joe can only offer this perspective. "I think, for us, we write about things that are real to us and the things we go through every day. We're the same age as a lot of the people that listen to our music, and they're going through the same things. We get a lot of feedback from fans saying just thank you either for encouragement, or they understand what we're going through so they're going through the same kind of things."

Look for Jonas the series in May.
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