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Paula Abdul on American Idol

Published January 21, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol
American Idol hasn't even hit full gear yet and Paula Abdul is already in another scandal. Now she's trying to let the family of Paula Goodspeed deal with the Idol hopeful's suicide without making her celebrity comments. There's just a Paula scandal every year.

Paula Abdul on Latest American Idol Scandal

"I think they should all be happy that I’m on the show," Abdul joked, trying to keep things light. "Even when no one is talking about Idol, it’s Paula Abdul. I think it’s the strangest thing for me to watch. This year is my 20 years where I was still a Laker Girl and had a number one with ‘Straight Up’ the single. It’s my big anniversary."

Abdul is happy to remain a judge on the show, despite the impression rumors may give people. "I’m very happy on the show. For whatever reason, with my name, people will start creating rumors. I just sit back and it’s the weirdest thing for me. I sit back and watch me being characterized that way. I’m not at all what you guys thing I am."

To Abdul, the show remains fresh every time new talent takes the stage. "It depends on us going to the cities that these kids would never have a chance to be seen. As long as we are out there going to the places where you can lift up a rock and find a gem."

Also, they've added a fourth judge to make this season even more confrontational. "I love the changes that we have, which I’m not at liberty to talk about, but they are ones that I believe will make the show tremendously better."

As viewers start to see the new contestants, Abdul suggested that they may favor one gender over the other. "It was crazy during Hollywood week. I noticed that boys were really phenomenal and that there were a handful of girls that were brilliant. Maybe a pinch more, almost even, but I think the boys are a little better. That’s one of the changes. So we are going back to season one and two. We have three groups of 12 and the three chairs. It’s kind of heartbreaking because you have nine kids that are really talented. They maybe don’t make it. We do get the wild card. We can bring them back. The top 12 can be eight guys."

American Idol airs several nights a week on Fox.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox

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