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Quantum of Solace on Nintendo DS

Published January 19, 2009 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Quantum of Solace DSJames Bond: Quantum of Solace
They decided not to try to recapture the first person Quantum of Solace game on the DS. The con is you can’t take the same game on the road, but the plus is you have a whole new Bond game to play concurrently. It’s still Bond, it’s still scenes from the movie, just in third person.

Nintendo DS: Quantum of Solace

The touch screen movements are a little harder than in side scroller games like Prince of Persia, but it’s smooth enough. You get where you need to go. The melee fighting feels like the combo system from the console game, only with swipes instead of buttons.

The gun is too hard to aim. You end up twisted around shooting at the wall. It’s still just tapping and hoping you hit, so that’s not very exciting. You might as well just go up to enemies and do melee combat. That’s more of a game, and it’s easier.

The levels are a bit too long between save points, but if you need a Bond fix on the run, the DS version gives you all the elements: movie scenes, fighting, shooting and stealth.

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