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Fred Listens to Nightmare Revisited

Published December 5, 2008 in Movie Music
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Nightmare RevisitedNightmare Revisited
In concept, Nightmare Revisited sounds like a good idea. Let's have rock musicians cover the soundtrack to Nightmare Before Christmas. It'll be songs we know in a hip, different way.

Review: Nightmare Revisited

In execution, however, it doesn't work. Of course every artist wants to put some twist on the song, so they ultimately don't sound like the classic Danny Elfman songs at all. So you don't get the Nightmare tracks you love, and you don't really get good new music by the artists either.

It's interesting how the big acts take the big songs. Marilyn Manson does "This is Halloween" and Korn does "Kidnap the Sandy Claws." Poor Amiina gets "Doctor Finkelstein" and Sparklehorse gets "Jack's Obsession."

Well, a valiant effort. They've gotta keep milking that Nightmare as if Disney supported it all along. We'll just keep our original soundtracks, thank you.

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Fred Topel
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