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Rob McElhenney on Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Published December 4, 2008 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of FX
Always Sunny in Philadelphia Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Ever since I visited the set of the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season finale, I've had their songs stuck in my head. When it airs, people will finally know what "Troll in My Hole" means. Then maybe I can buy them myself.

Rob McElhenney Singing in Philadelphia

"As soon as we put them on the air," Rob McElhenney said. "We have to go through the editing room, work them into musical episodic songs."

I still don't know if "Troll in My Hole" is a metaphor for something else. "You tell me. You got a troll in your hole, hole of an apartment. You'd have to ask Danny about that since he is the troll."

I almost ruined a take on the set when McElhenney improvised the line, "Cobra Kai!" He says it remains in the final cut. "Oh yeah, bro. F*ck yeah, put him in a body bag, Cobra Kai."

If you liked Mac's 1776 costume, wait until you see him as The Night Man. "The cat eyes were what really sold it."

Looking ahead to season five, there are still plenty of ideas for the gang. "If the world keeps coming up with bullsh*t we'll keep making fun of it."
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of FX

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