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Guillermo del Toro on the Hellboy II Blu-Ray

Published November 25, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Universal Pictures
Hellboy II: The Golden Army Poster Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Guillermo del Toro keeps it real. He may be selling Blu Rays of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, but he doesn't buy into the studio hype. Giving a demo of some of the Blu Ray exclusive features, he kept things in proper perspective.

Del Toro Talks Hellboy II: The Golden Army Blu-Ray Release

"We have put a man on the moon," del Toro said. "We have our first African-American president and we decided it was time to break as important ground. So we're going to have the first ever BD Live chat. Now another momentous occasion. You have to save the Time Magazine cover of that."

One Blu Ray Feature called Scene Explorer allows viewers to see certain scenes without any visual effects, with the actors just mimicking. Selma Blair looked strange without fire surrounding her.

"This is not an Ex Lax commercial. She's supposed to be on fire. This is one of those features that takes real, full advantage of the storage and branching capabilities of the Blu Ray."

On set with the Chamberlain, del Toro took shots at his own makeup designs and the very nature of being on set. "This is Doug Jones as the talking dildo. Now the footage has been used in sexual education classes all over. A lot of times you get these obscene requests from friends and family, 'When are you going to invite me to the set?' You tell them it's boring as f*ck. They don't believe you. They think that moviemaking is all champagne dreams and caviar whatever. It's not. It's really work. It's like carpentry without the head injuries. These set visits were done in a very kind of witness you are there way. You're going to be there. You're going to see there's no commentary, there's no editorializing. There's some swearing and you're going to see the way the set is working for a few minutes. So you will be invited but unlike the visits on the set, you don't get catering and you're allowed to leave."

To get serious for a moment, del Toro stands by the Blu Ray and all the extras it contains. "The Blu Ray offers the possibility of much more content. Sometimes they are a pain in the ass to navigate. They take a long, long time to load but the benefit is the content can never look better. It looks as good as it could look in a theater and the sounds, we take great pains to scale down the theatrical experience sound-wise so you can get as active a surround experience at home. Most people give up after a couple of hours. We keep going like the Energizer bunny."

Hellboy II is now available on DVD and Blu Ray.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures

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