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Quantum of Solace Totally Awesome

Published November 13, 2008 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Columbia Pictures
Quantum of Solace Poster Quantum of Solace
Quantum of Solace is indeed the sequel to Casino Royale, but it is not another Casino Royale. Casino Royale was my Lord of the Rings. I didn't care how long it was. I just wanted to live in that world forever, lingering on every Bondtastic detail. Quantum hits everything on point and moves quickly. It is totally awesome in its own way.

Review: Quantum of Solace

There's more action in 100 minutes of Quantum of Solace than there has been in any two hour plus Bond. It's not lacking anything for its briefer running time. In fact, it's just more tightly packed.

What Marc Forster has done is take the air out of every scene. All the basics are skipped over. We don't need to see him learn information. We just need to see that he has it. Visually, action cuts right to what's happening, not what it took to get there.

There's a bit of a sense of Bourne style action except you can follow it. You see a determined action and the results of it. Each bullet means something, even when they're shooting at glass. It's all the Bond action we want coming seamlessly out of nowhere. They didn't set up a big set piece. It's just a natural part of the environment. This is the biggest Bond ever.

There's four big action sequences in a row before anyone starts to have real dialogue. But they do go through espionage, tactics and covert tricks. Quantum of Solace has it all.

Since the film is dealing with the aftermath of Casino Royale, it is more reflective and less looking forward to Bond's future. There may be fewer easter eggs, but the Goldfinger reference is worth a dozen martinis. I mean, hell yeah!

It's easy to compare the film's style to the Bourne movies but I think it's more reflective of the modern style in general. Either way, what it shows is that they can do an effective Bond movie in that style. They don't have to every time, but they can, so there's no question of Bond's enduring relevance.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Columbia Pictures

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