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Daniel Craig Talks Bond and Quantum of Solace

Published November 13, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Columbia Pictures
Quantum of Solace Poster Quantum of Solace
Not only is James Bond back in Quantum of Solace, but it's Daniel Craig's James Bond from Casino Royale. Picking up where Casino left off, with Bond going after Dominic Greene to find out who Vesper really worked for, Quantum continues Bond's emotional journey. That makes it easier for Craig to distinguish his Bond.

Talking With Bond About Quantum of Solace

"That's that thing of saying I would be doing an impression of something that had been done before," said Craig. "I'm just applying what I know and with working with someone like Marc [Forster]. We know about making movies but it's a Bond movie and I think all the subtleties are there which you see: the music, the style, the whole thing, they're classically Bond. It's just we're f*cking around with it. It's enjoyable to do."

Quantum of Solace is still full of Bond-like action, with Craig jumping on moving busses and free falling through the sky. "It’s just incredible. I pinch myself, genuinely. It’s a really good job. I kind of go, 'I could be doing so many other things apart from this.' And my favorite part of this whole process and the collaboration with the people I work with and I’m working with some of the best people in the world in special effects and stunt people, directors, all those actors, all those things. It’s a thrill."

Craig keeps a sense of humor about his reinvention of the franchise. "That’s what we’re going to do in the next movie, we’re going to get camp as hell." Careful, some reporters already took him seriously with jokes like that.

This Bond adventure also features the first appearance of Canadian intelligence in the franchise. "I think it was a Paul Haggis thing he put in there. We wanted to make it so it was not as obvious and I think it was a nice non obvious thing. Canadian intelligence might be there, we’re all at risk."

Casino Royale was a tough act to follow, and if fans like Quantum of Solace, the next one will be even harder. "It’s a high class problem, to be honest. I think as long as we’re keeping the product good, it’s horrible to say that word but let’s be honest, that’s what it is, keeping the quality up, keeping the money on the screen, keeping audiences interested. I can’t predict what’s going to happen so if we’re fighting an uphill battle then it’s time to rethink, but that’s a challenge and I think it’s a good challenge."

Quantum of Solace opens to theaters on November 14th.

For trailers, featurettes, posters, still and additional movie info, go to the Quantum of Solace Movie Page.

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