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No Oscar for The Dark Knight Score

Published November 12, 2008 in Movie Music
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros, Variety
The Dark Knight Poster The Dark Knight
Not learning their lesson from Batman Begins, the score for The Dark Knight was submitted to the Academy with what they consider too many names on the cue-sheet. In short, with so many names taking credit for a given score it is hard to tell who actually influenced the overall sound of the film.

The Dark Knight Score Disqualified

There is no doubt that Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard's score on The Dark Knight was incredible. The only problem is that they deserve slightly less than 70% of the credit. The rest of the credit goes to music editor Alex Gibson, ambient music designer Mel Wesson and composer Lorne Balfe.

Though Zimmer and Howard tried to cover their asses by having the other three sign an affidavit stating that the score was primarily Zimmer and Howard's work, the Academy music branch still wasn't hearing it.

Why not just leave the other three names off the cue-sheet? Well, there is some money involved. By missing out on the score's cue-sheet, the other three would miss out on distribution royalties.

To avoid this in the future and face a current trend, the Academy has met for two executive committee meetings on how to deal with score's with multiple contributors. They obviously have not come to any altering conclusion.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros, Variety

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