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Jane Lynch on Role Models

Published November 6, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Universal Pictures
Role Models gives Jane Lynch another wacky character to play. Gayle Sweeney runs a pseudo-Big Brother program assigning grown men to young boys seeking father figures. However, Gayle is also a recovering coke addict who brags about her recovery in graphic detail every chance she gets.

Jane Lynch on Role Models

"I'm a very normal person but I am fascinated by people's sense of entitlement and their confidence," Lynch said. "I don't have the balls to sway my power the way these people do. I would be embarrassed. I like to play people who if I were in the room with them, I'd be so embarrassed. That's kind of what this character is. I can see right through her need for attention to be seen as a tragic hero. She kind of concocted I think this story about how terrible her drug addled past was."

Lynch doesn't even believe Gayle's cocaine tales. "She's completely impressed with herself. It's like the old fishing story. I caught a fish, I caught a fish, I caught a fish. I think her story's almost completely apocryphal at this point. I don't think any of it happened."

There are plenty of motivational speakers out there with similar tendencies, but Lynch did not think of any until after the fact.

Role ModelsRole Models

Role ModelsRole Models

Role ModelsRole Models

"Just what's coming to my mind right now but it didn't before was Suze Orman. Suze Orman has a way about her that I love her and I'm embarrassed for her all at the same time. She really thinks she's something and I'm like oh, oh, I'm so embarrassed. People just adore her but I'm uncomfortable when I watch. I'm embarrassed for her. So I didn't think of that doing this role but she's kind of a person in life."

No offense, Suze. "I'm not saying I don't like her. I'm just amazed at her, I guess it's narcissism. She refers to herself in the third person. 'Well, Suze says,' and very much like Gayle Sweeney. There are people that I kind of cringe in their presence."

Role Models opens to theaters on November 7th.

For the trailers, stills, poster and more movie info, go to the Role Models Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures

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