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Fred Blasts Armored Core: For Answer

Published November 4, 2008 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Armored Core: For Answer Armored Core: For Answer
I don’t know much about sci-fi stories and mechanical technology, but I do know big robot mechs blasting each other. Even though I’m not familiar with the Armored Core series, I thought I could get the hang of the latest entry. Either I’m way behind, this is a low point for the series, or it was never all that to begin with.

Armored Core: For Answer

This game can’t decide whether giant robots walk or fly. You can walk if you press the stick slightly enough, but most reasonable pushes make you glide and fly. If you fly up, you’re just out of control. Good luck landing anywhere you intend to.

For all the different controller assignments, the game seems to be as simple as run around and blast away. That’s fine, probably even realistic. If you had a big ass mech you wouldn’t need to worry about nuance. But don’t make it so complicated with all these buttons.

Aiming is automatic, which is good because you can’t even see what’s going on. You’re flying around so fast stuff is just all around you. You don’t know if you’re up high or down low. Even for a button masher, you don’t get a good show for these awesome looking contraptions battling it out. It’s just a mess.

Apologies to Armored Core fans. If this is what the franchise is and what you love, then bless you. For me, seeing a big robot mech on the cover, I was disappointed in the simplicity of it, and just not engaged by the chaotic action.

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Fred Topel
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