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Will Smith is Captain America?

Published September 8, 2008 in Movie Rumors
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders, MTV Splash Page
Captain America Captain America
Since the rumor mill has been cranking out updates all day, how about one more?

First we were told that Philip Seymour Hoffman (Penguin) and Johnny Depp (Riddler) will be joining the next Batman installment as the villains. I've had a chance to ponder the update and, forgive me, but I still think Guy Pearce is the better choice for Riddler. While I first thought I was part of the minority in my opinion, Kellvin over at LatinoReview agreed with me on Pearce. But that's neither here nor there...

The latest rumor comes not from a DC but a Marvel property. While the studio admitted to development hell about a year back, it looks like some progress is once again being made on Captain America.

Captain America Is...

MTV Splash Page has discovered from an unlikely source that Marvel has it in mind to go with, wait for it, Will Smith for Captain America.

“I heard they offered Will Smith ‘Captain America,’” said Luke, adding that the intriguing casting rumor “just shows you how times have changed.”

While this word through the Hollywood grapevine is nothing more than a rumor at this point, it should be noted that Marvel hasn’t shied away from changing up the race - and gender - of established characters in recent years.

If Marvel wanted to show some real cahones, they should make Thor a chick. Yeah, I know, it would probably suck. But we're just talking about showing some balls, right?

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of respective holders, MTV Splash Page

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