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Black Mask on Blu-Ray

Published August 29, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Black MaskBlack Mask
I've been eager to see what Hong Kong movies will look like on Blu Ray. Black Mask was hardly my favorite. It's not even in my Jet Li top 10, but it's my first HK on Blu Ray example.

Blu-Ray Review: Black Mask

Shockingly, it looks really good. Can they restore everything like this? It's all crisp and clear. What color there ever was is there. It's not extra bright but it's way better than those washed out dump jobs we used to watch.

Most of the sets are gritty, decrepit construction site type environments, so you see all the crusty detail. You can also see the specific details within darkly lit scenes. The occasional outdoor nature scenes show a distinct difference. Sweat and bloody wounds shine in the transfer.

Now the standard has been set. If Dragon Dynasty can make Shaw Brothers DVDs look new and if Lionsgate can make Black Mask look like a real Blu Ray, bring on the Once Upon a Time in Chinas and Drunken Masters.
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Fred Topel
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