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Cool Hand Luke on Blu-Ray

Published August 29, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Cool Hand Luke Cool Hand Luke
Wow, Warner Brothers is sure doing their classics right. Cool Hand Luke looks amazing on Blu Ray. It's totally sharp and clear despite its age, and they manage some color out of a fairly desolate landscape too.

Blu-Ray Review: Cool Hand Luke

The really cool thing is it still looks like itself. They haven't added colors and details that weren't there. They probably weren't apparent in theatrical exhibitions 30 years ago, but it looks like the greatest preservation of the original materials.

Cool Hand Luke was Technicolor so there is a sort of orange glow to everything from the roadside wheat fields to the sunburned convict skin. Pushed to Blue Ray vibrancy, the roadside scene looks golden and their skin is roasted.

Whenever a lady shows up like "Lucille," their '60s look is gorgeous. Even the grey haired visitors have a pretty feminine contrast to all the male energy. But man, after two hours of those sweaty chests shining in the sun, you may want a shower.

It's mainly about the prison camp and roadside scenes though. There are some nice magic hour and moonlit shots too, but seeing all the rough details of the scenery and characters is what Cool Hand Luke on Blu Ray is all about.

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