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Sarah Wayne Callies Returns to Prison Break

Published August 28, 2008 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox
Sarah Wayne Callies Sarah Wayne Callies is Dr. Sara Trancredi
Bet you're surprised to see this article. Yes, her head in a box hasn't slowed Dr. Sara Tancredi down. Sarah Wayne Callies returns to Prison Break for season four, even though she was killed off last year.

Sarah Wayne Callies on Prison Break

"It was certainly the last phone call I expected to get," said Callies. "It wasn't something I'd given thought to because it wasn't something I thought there was any thinking to be done about. That's a disastrous sentence but you know what I mean. Certainly, I had said goodbye to Sara and I had done my mourning and my grieving for her. Resurrecting her was an interesting process and certainly a very unexpected one. What I find is that she's a very different person than she was. What happened to her during the third season, which will be revealed I think in the first episode, has changed her and I think changed her irrevocably. I think her big question is what of her old self she can retain."

She was also touched that fans actually influenced the show's writers to bring her character back. "It was heart stopping. I had no idea that people cared so much. She's a small character on the show. Certainly the ensemble of the show is important and strong but I never thought people would make the noise they did. I don’t even have words for that gratitude. I never thought I'd make it past the first season. It's all sort of been a surprise and I don't think any of us are safe, which is good because as soon as you believe there's someone they can't kill off, the danger that they're in doesn't matter to you when you watch it."

Now, I could have sworn they showed her head on camera. "I haven't actually seen the third season yet but I believe you saw 'a' head," joked Callies. "I can tell you it wasn't my head personally insofar as my neck remains unscathed."

At least there are no hard feelings for writing her off. "I think it's best left in the past. I think it's tacky to talk about contracts and all of that nonsense. At the end of the day, I'm back. I'm grateful to be back and I'm again, overwhelmed that the fans insisted on it."

So, where has she been all this time? "You'll see that pretty soon. Pretty quickly in the first episode, that comes out. She hasn't been in a good place and it sort of starts to make that Kellerman bathtub scene look a little bit like a picnic."

As the chase continues, Michael and Sara find fleeting moments to get to know each other. "I think they're both afraid of letting the other one down. I think they're both afraid that they won't recognize themselves anymore and yet for Sara at least, he's the only one she has left. He becomes necessary in a whole new way. And they don't know each other. This whole series started, what, six months ago or something. I think there are a lot of moments of, 'Oh, you like grapefruit? I didn't even know that and I'm in love with you. How weird'"

At other times, they're still just trying to stay alive. "I did spend about three hours on Thursday playing in traffic and almost getting hit by a semi. I loved it."

Prison Break returns Monday, Sept. 1 on Fox.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox

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