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End of Days on Blu-Ray

Published August 25, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
End of Days End of Days
I was going to make fun of Universal for choosing End of Days as part of their first wave of Blu Ray releases, but actually watching it shows that it is a good choice. While certainly one of Arnold’s most forgettable movies, there are plenty of visual demonstrations of Blu Ray’s capabilities.

Blu-Ray Review: End of Days

There are gorgeous shots of New York City, both the dingy, gritty slums and the ornate, lavish palaces. There are beautiful colors too. The New Years Eve celebrations are full of people with different props. Even a hidden hideout in a church has green lights scattered around that punctuate the scene.

Director Peter Hyams also likes to use available light, which makes many scenes too dark to see. That’s perfect for Blu Ray, because now you can see all the detail he intended without having to overlight the scene.

The second rate visual effects are especially obvious in this high quality, but I like that. Blu Ray holds filmmakers accountable for the quality of their work by presenting it in extraordinary detail. So even though End of Days was exactly as I remembered it, I was mesmerized by the film quality regardless.

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Fred Topel
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