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Ryan Almost Cuts His Eye on Transformers' Blu-ray Sharpness!

Published August 22, 2008 in DVD News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount
Transformers DVD Transformers
This is a monumental day. After enjoying high-definition thanks to Toshiba’s HD-DVD medium, which is now close to extinct, I have now been given the opportunity to try HD with Sony’s Blu-ray. Yes, I went out and bought the PS3 with the Blu-ray player. Yes, I will openly admit that this system upconverts normal DVDs way better than HD-DVD did. So now I have my first Blu-ray in my hands and what is it?


A true test, as I loved Transformers on the HD-DVD medium. Are there differences or is 1080 just 1080?

Transformers on Blu-Ray

I can immediately point out two major differences when comparing the HD-DVD Transformers to the Blu-ray version. Before I start, however, I should point out that I watch HD-DVDs on a 55” 1080i Projection and Blu-rays on a 32” 1080p LCD. Understand the disclaimer? Good.

First off, the Blu-ray menu for Transformers is way cooler. The image is sharp and the contrast helps create a solid third-dimension feel. But then when the film starts, my judgment shifts a bit.

Transformers on HD-DVD looks great. The picture is clean but, best of all, there is a 3D feel to it. The lines around objects and characters have great contrast, pulling them away from the image. Blu-ray this isn’t so clear, but what is clear is the overall picture. Transformers on Blu-ray is incredibly sharp. Now, I don’t know if this difference is because of the medium or because of the TV, but the clarity is striking.

Remember how some of those action sequences got blurry on DVD? Not here. And, considering that it is the action and effects that carry this film, that’s all we really need be concerned about. Right?
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Paramount

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