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Lost Boys: The Tribe on Blu-Ray

Published August 13, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Lost Boys: The Tribe Lost Boys: The Tribe
While I still hold out hope for that truly great movie that just happens to be produced just for DVD, I've learned to manage my expectations. If a sequel can just be a little bit fun like the original, that's good enough since I didn't have to go anywhere to watch it.

Lost Boys: The Tribe seems to be about redoing The Lost Boys while showing as little vampirism as possible. Some newcomers meet the vampires, so they re-build-up the mythology to pill the 90 minutes. A girl seduced by the male vampire makes sense.

Blu-Ray Review: Lost Boys: The Tribe

At least there are boobies. That's been missing from horror movies. And the innards are fun, whenever the film can afford to be gory. There are some fun impalements and vampire aftermaths, but used very sparingly because it's all they got.

Corey Feldman pops in to be the exact same character, only 20 years older. It's good kitsch and he gets it. It's weird to hear the exact same exposition with a deep voice.

There's a Goonies reference for a wink, and a Big Lebowski reference to try desperately to be cool. The action is B movie quality, but it fills the space and resolves the plot. Hopefully they will build off the epilogue and do a good Lost Boys 3 once they see this one make money.

At least it looks perfect on Blu Ray. It better, since it was shot exclusively for homes. Clear mansions with well manicured grass show off the sparkly shiny blood. Daylight looks grainy but still ultra polished within that effect. The car is super red.

Parties have a lot of action with every background actor clear. Moonlight shows off crisp city streets. A dusty, muddy trailer park is full of details. There are some green and red lighting patterns also.

So they hit the key Blu Ray demos: colored lighting, sharp details, colorful props and action-packed frames.

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Fred Topel
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