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House - Season Four on DVD

Published August 10, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
House - Season Four House - Season Four
I love House. I don't consider him mean because he's so witty about it. I wish more people had the respect and the confidence to call people out on their bullsh**. I certainly don't need a doctor to coddle me. I just need him to cure me.

DVD Review: House - Season Four

Season Four was the best ever because he had all those new candidates to mess with. I don't even care about the medical case. I know that the first thing they think it might be isn't going to be what it actually is. It's all about the dialogue.

So I love talking about House. The extra features may be standard EPK stuff, but they're talking about House. So soundbites about the seasonal motivations and special storylines are great for me.

Particularly, a feature on the writers is appealing because I do marvel at how they make the episodes make factual sense each week. They don't really address the witty dialogue as much, which is my favorite part, but it's a worthwhile feature.

Segments of the fake medical soap opera are cute but I'm not really going to watch them. Visual effects are fantastic, especially the ones we take for granted were shot for real. But for me, it's all about talking House.

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Fred Topel
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