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Shine a Light on Blu-Ray

Published August 5, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Shine a Light Blu-ray Shine a Light
I was going to pass on the Rolling Stones' concert movie until I saw the Imax footage of Dark Knight. Since I knew Shine a Light was also presented in Imax, I though it could be a whole movie of awesome footage.

Blu-Ray Review: Shine a Light

Well, it's not quite The Dark Knight clarity but it's pretty impressive. Some of the lighting patterns for different performances make it look more grainy, and it's never as crystal clear as the bank robbery scene.

It's still way more clear than any of the Stones probably care for. It really feels like being way up close for a concert. Those HDNET specials ain't got crap on Scorsese. The costumes are all shiny and colorful too.

Don't get too excited about the four bonus songs. They throw us the "Paint it Black" bone (seriously, they didn't think to include this in the film?) but the other three are more B sides. I still could have used some "Gimme Shelter" but I'm happy.
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Fred Topel
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