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The Untouchables on Blu-Ray

Published August 4, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Untouchables Blu-ray Untouchables
I cannot believe how good The Untouchables looks on Blu Ray. Usually movies from the '80s fall into that gap of not recent enough to be awesome and not old enough to be restored. If The Untouchables can look like this, there is no excuse for any others.

Blu-Ray Review: The Untouchables

Every scene is super sharp, vibrant and shiny. You can see every flake of sawdust from bootlegging crates. All of Al Capone's ornate rooms and fancy suits sport color and detail. The slick, wet streets shine. The foot prints on red carpet display subtle changes in shade.

The focus has total depth because backgrounds are clear. There's one shot where both Connery and Costner are behind one another filling the frame, and both are in focus. Of course all the De Palma blood pops out red.

All the backgrounds and scenic vistas remain in focus and each scene kept blowing me away. Back alleys, hotel lobbies, the steps. Wow.
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Fred Topel
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