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Dark City Director's Cut on Blu Ray

Published July 31, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Dark City (Director's Cut) Blu Ray Dark City (Director's Cut)
I would be excited to get Dark City on Blu Ray anyway. It was always a movie that captivated me and to see those sets in detail is awesome. To see more of it is even more exciting.

Blu-Ray Review: Dark City (Director's Cut)

Once again though, I cannot tell the difference between the director's cut and the theatrical cut. It is 10 minutes longer, but it feels exactly like what I remember the movie to be. I'm happy to spend more time there, but it doesn't feel like a new movie, or even a new version.

The film looks fantastic on Blu Ray. It's not so much that any one detail stands out. It's that every frame is so packed with production design, you can just marvel at the whole thing.

I went back and turned on the fact track to find out what was actually new, and it became clear why I couldn't tell the difference. Shots of entrances and exits are longer. There are new cutaways. Honestly, Alex Proyas, you want to tell me that a shot of Murdoch looking at his shoe makes all the difference? I don't even remember that there was a voice over, but certainly removing that is a subtle change.

So I'll watch the Director's Cut just to see the extra shots of the dark city, even though it doesn't really make a difference to what I already consider a profound story. And you can watch both versions, so if that's the excuse to bring Dark City to Blu Ray, then thank you very much.

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