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Point Break on Blu-Ray

Published July 14, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Point Break Blu-ray Point Break
Point Break on Blu Ray is one of those give and takes where you understand that it is almost 20 years old, but you marvel at the portions they were able to step up to high definition quality. It looks like film, but it's good film, sharp and clear.

Blu-Ray Review: Point Break

Early on, water splashes show some minute detail. Campfire lit beach scenes highlight leftover '80s fashion while everything looks pastel in the daylight.

The golden sunlit waves look nice with shiny curls. Water drops glisten on the skin and whisps of wet hair poke around the air. Those rippled hardbodies are glorious, and everyone's skin looks fantastic. It's like the whole movie was shot at magic hour.

The skydiving scenes have some grain but it's also pure blue, and the landscape underneath them is full of detail. Puddles of water from that distance still shine. The Blu Ray definitely makes viewers appreciate the photography of the film.

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Fred Topel
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