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Batman Begins on Blu-Ray

Published July 14, 2008 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Batman Begins Blu-ray Batman Begins
Oh my God, the six minutes of Dark Knight’s Imax footage looks so good on Blu Ray. This is HD. I saw it in Imax and this is just as amazing in 56" as it was in the theater. There is no grain, it is pure image.

Blu-Ray Review: Batman Begins

Now the normal Blu Ray doesn't look quite as good. There is some soft focus and skin tones look a bit reddish. Granted, that could have been the intention of the film, where Dark Knight is more realistic.

Batman Begins still looks great on Blu Ray. As you'd expect with all the landscapes, mountains and greenery in the beginning with shadows and light playing around the screen. Gotham City is full of crisp, sharp lines in the buildings, very shiny modern architecture. Any shot of the monorail is awesome.

Other cool details include the aqua glow during the ice fight, the detail in the armor and weapons, light shining off Liam Neeson's 'stache and all the big, fiery debris when it hits the fan.

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Fred Topel
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