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Where the Hell is Matt Sequel

Published July 7, 2008 in Entertainment
By Ryan Parsons | Vimeo
Okay - check this out. A long time back I was sent over a video titled "Where the Hell is Matt?" The video featured a dude named Matt who backpacked around the globe and, while shooting locations, decide to do this same goofy dance that is nothing short of contagious. The video immediately went viral and became a superhit across the internet.

My facts might be wrong here, but I believe it was Stride Gum who found the video, enjoyed it, and decided to give Matt a big sponsorship to go back and dance around the globe all over again. Though the video is completely viral and really has nothing to do with film, it is again impossible to avoid how contagious this Matt person really is.

Where the Hell is Matt: The Sequel

The film is so contagious that Cinematical, Joblo and Erik Lundegaard have already called it "Best Film of 2008." While we can all agree that the film would make a strange submission to next year's Oscars, it is still awesome to see. So do yourself a favor and check it out. Oh - and get ready to smile cheek to cheek.

Learn more at WheretheHellisMatt. I'm sure if you go to YouTube you can find the original "Where the Hell is Matt" installment as well.
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Ryan Parsons
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