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Uwe Boll on the Critics

Published May 29, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Uwe Boll Uwe Boll
Uwe Boll famously took his critics to task for their attacks on his work, challenging them to a boxing match. The match was a success in terms of publicity, but it has not stopped the barrage of negative reviews against Boll.

Criticizing Boll

"I think the boxing match was a kind of direct communication between a director and the critics, and the insulting critics," said Boll. "If a Jay Schneider writes, 'I'm proud that I never saw an Uwe Boll movie' and then he goes into the ring to represent Harry Knowles for, this was so stupid. It makes for me no sense. I had no clue. I was inviting him, for example, because of, that Quint and Harry Knowles trash me always. Then that he didn't even watch my movies as a fight preparation, just to know when he comes to Vancouver what is that guy about. That shows a little arrogance, because I think a good reviewer or a good critic should always bash a movie after seeing the movie. I think this is like as a sports guy writing about a baseball match or a basketball match and not even looking at it. Nobody would do that. It's totally absurd. They would always hire the guy who saw it to write about the football match or the hockey game. In the movie industry, it looks like it's not the case. They see 10 minutes of a movie and then they trash it to the ground, but whatever."

If a critic watches Boll's entire movie and then presents an intelligent critique of it, then Boll will take his licks. "Absolutely, and I learned from the critics. I read the reviews and I changed stuff. There's a reason why Guinevere Turner wrote BloodRayne and not a guy who never wrote a script before. So there is progress, and the In the Name of the King script. I think we all, the people I work with, really thought about the negative voices after Alone in the Dark was even worse than House of the Dead. We have to change and make major things. We cannot make a movie before the script is completely ready. We should really have something develop from people with credits. They did various movies before or whatever, so a different route basically we went. And I think the movies got better."

Still, not all the reviewers are hard on Boll. "Of course, there are some people, whatever, I met a few days ago at IGN and they said, 'I love House of the Dead.' Some people have totally different tastes. Then you think, okay, for me In the Name of the King is way better than House of the Dead in everything, whatever you do, from the props to the art direction to the production design to the camera to the CGI and music and story and actors. There is nothing where House of the Dead would win. But he said like for him, House of the Dead is a classic movie where he has a blast seeing it every time. So what should I do?"

Boll's major problem with critics are those who spend the entire article attacking him personally and making no mention of the movie itself. "I think a good review should be, you can bash the movie to the ground if you have reasons to do it and you write a solid bad review, but you should at least inform what the movie is. You have to explain what the story is and who's in the movie and everything. If you don’t do that, if you start bashing me and you never stop bashing me and nobody knows in the end is BloodRayne actually a movie with actors, or you don’t even know that it's a period piece or that it's in Transylvania in 1700 or whatever… and there were reviews out there, in L.A. Weekly for example, also on Dungeon Siege in the L.A. Weekly especially, the guy must hate me. There was not one good line about In the Name of the King. He wrote nothing. Like 'stupid actors in a completely piece of sh*t cheap made movie,' so then you see it and you think, 'I don't know. Is it really a totally cheap made movie or has no actors and no story or whatever?' Then you see The Golden Compass and because it's a big studio release, they are pussying out and writing, 'Oh, it's not so bad' or whatever. I saw The Golden Compass. I think In the Name of the King is a better movie."

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