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Uwe Boll on Postal

Published May 22, 2008 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Freestyle Releasing
Uwe Boll's latest movie, Postal, makes fun of every social taboo, from the 9/11 hijackers to religious cults. Boll's films already earn controversy for their loose interpretations of video games and for their, ahem, quality. Still, Boll knew that no matter how bold his latest film got, it was not enough just to be controversial.

Uwe Boll Goes Postal

"No, of course not, but with the game, you have the guy living in the trailer park with the 500 pound wife and he has a very bad day basically every single day," said Boll. "I kept a lot: the welfare office, various things from the game in the movie, but I put it in a crazy story with tons of side stories and plots. I think it all fits together. I of course hope that the movie is besides entertaining, that people start thinking about crazy it is, that it's maybe not so far from the reality in Postal compared to a lot of serious movies about Iraq war or whatever. I think that Postal maybe nails that craziness better."

With actors in his movies criticized for hammy performances, Boll tried to balance those playing it straight with those going over the top. "It depends. Like for example, with Soup Nazi, with Larry Thomas, I told him he should drop the accent, he should talk American English and play it totally in a way not so much over the top. But if you have comedians, like you have Richard (Chris Coppola), Dave Foley's right hand, he's like the Chris Farley guy basically. He cannot play not over the top. It's his personality, so you cannot stop him, for example. I tried in Postal that everybody plays, or should try to be a realistic character, like a real character in an absurd world in a way. I think the Dude, Zack Ward, is really pulling it off. He is really like a believable guy in a way, in a totally absurd thing. But then you have over the top characters like J.K. Simmons, the political guy, or you have that small part, the guy who blows himself up with J.K. Simmons, they are of course totally over the top characters and they play it over the top. Verne Troyer as himself."

Postal PosterPostal

Postal also acknowledges Boll's reputation in a scene where he appears as himself, defending his work against critics. "For me, I saw it like if I insult in Postal everybody, then I have to make all the fun out of myself and I portray myself as a Lederhosened idiot and pervert and everything. So to show that it's not about I blame other people or I insult other people, I wanted that Postal is an all sides offending movie and that you don't have a reason, that for example a Muslim cannot say later, 'It's all against us.' So that all religions and all races and everybody gets trashed to the ground in a way. We see the world as a completely absurd place where we're all running right now to an edge where we maybe fell down and then there is no way back. This is basically what I wanted to do, the reason also the movie has no happy end or something. So it's like kind of a hopeless, depressing end in a comedy."

Even the game's creators were vocally opposed to this interpretation. "Vince Desi, the game guy, they hated it. They told me, 'Are you crazy? You should do a movie like Taxi Driver, like a guy runs amuck or something.' I said, 'No, I want to do that movie funny and I want to make it in the tradition a little like The Blues Brothers meets Naked Gun meets Monty Python's Meaning of Life or Life of Brian.' So to have all the political satire in it."

Postal opens to theaters on May 23rd.

For the trailer and more movie info, go to the Postal Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
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